Elden Ring Keychain Charm


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Show your love for your favourite Elden Ring character as a keychain!

Blackguard is the only holographic one left and is on sale 20% off.

  • You can choose Ranni, Blaidd, Malenia, Marika/Radagon, Messmer, Morgott, Mohg, Varré, Sellen, Blackguard (Shrimp guy), Rya, Rogier, Darian and Devin, Diallos, Vyke, Melina, Alexander, Patches, and Maliketh. (Radagon and Marika are a single charm with each on either side)
  • 2.5″ inch (6.35cm) double-sided transparent acrylic charm
  • Attachment is a gold swivel clasp
  • The keychain is great to personalize your keys, backpack zippers, luggage, and zipper bags. Decorate your ita bag too!
  • Charms have protective film that needs to be peeled. It may look like it is scratched or has bubbles but that is the protective film, and beneath is the pristine image. Please peel at your discretion.
  • Colours on actual item may vary based on monitor settings and lighting.
🌟 All art is done by me, SHIROASA.

1 review for Elden Ring Keychain Charm

  1. anya.mcginn

    I ADORE my little Alexander- it’s such a pretty charm!!! Not only is it a super sweet scene, but the artwork and detail is absolutely gorgeous! Very happy to have these pots with me!!!

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