About us

An eldritch hound who was stitched together with legs that were too short. Helps sometimes by providing moral support (usually just flees).

Hello! I’m Jay! I go by SHIROASA as my artist handle! Angelic Coffin is my brand that is inspired by combining dark, weird aesthetic with cute and elegant looks. I’m an independent artist who travels to conventions in the US Midwest, you can find a place that I’ll be at in person here.

Angelic Coffin is a subsidiary of our main company, The Lumière Atelier, which hosts our comics, Wingless which is a dark fantasy comic and Boys Outta Luck! which is a slice of life/supernatural comic. They are free to read.

As for me, I am a shambling eldritch mound of flesh. I love gore, weird stuff, cute things, dark and twisted things, angels, Catholic aesthetic, crying boys and hefty chonkers. One day I would like to commune with the Old Ones to receive the power to speak mind-shattering incantations incomprehensible to the weak human psyche. Until then I must sell my wares to garner enough favour to be noticed by the Old Ones. Please help me escape my pathetic flesh prison to become one with the Old Ones.

If you’d like to contact me, feel free to use the form here.