Heart Under Siege Sticker


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A young knight, only but a boy fresh out of squirehood, joins his brothers-in-arms on the battlefield to defend the kingdom he swore allegiance to.

Swing after swing, he raises his arm to cut down the foes who threatened his country, his people, his family. Heat surges through him. He raises his arm once more and- thunk.

An arrow strikes the boy’s breastplate, the force pitting him against the cold dirt below, dressed in red. Among the chaos of the field, he sees a single archer, unmoving, staring straight at him. As the boy, soaked in the bloodied earth, meets eyes with his attacker, the archer’s lips part only slightly, eyes softening, arms lowering.

The bow-wielding invader smiles. The kind of smile that reminded the young knight of his mother when she speaks of flowers. The kind that local priest greets him with as he visits the church to pray.

It is only when the archer turns and disappears into the swarm of infantry that the boy remembers that time hadn’t stopped during their shared gaze.

The boy swoons. Is it… love?

  • Show your love of confused and injured anime boys with this sticker!
  • A 2.5″ x 3″ inch (6.35cm x 7.6cm) vinyl, die-cut sticker
  • Shiny reddish-copper mirror effect on blood and hearts
  • Excellent decal for anything! Stick it on your laptop, binder, notebook, computer tower, phone case, water bottle/hydro flask, planner, or even your car!
  • You can use it for stationery hobbies like journaling, diary, scrapbooking, bullet journals and more.
  • Scratch-resistant and weatherproof, lasts up to 2-4 years in outside conditions.
  • Please ensure your place of adhesion is a dry, smooth surface, and of normal temperature before you place the sticker. For water bottles, it is suggested to clean the surface with alcohol before applying.
  • ⚠️ If shipped alone, stickers do not come with tracking, to save on shipping costs.
🌟 All art is done by me, SHIROASA.


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