Begone Thot Sticker


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Are you a holy man, constantly beleaguered by Satan’s army of sexy demon women sent to tempt you? Thwart the devil’s advances and make your stance clear with this powerful incantation. BEGONE, THOT. I SERVE GOD AND CANNOT BE LED ASTRAY BY THE BOSOMS OF CREATURES CONSTRUCTED FROM EVIL.

“Wait, but if I want the vile thot to leave, why am I simply saying this instead of screaming it in capital text with an exclamation point? Do I not wish to have the foul women to leave my presence at once?”

A fair point – however, you are a classy man and yelling at these devil-sent succubi would only prove that you have lost your cool. Simply commanding the thots with a firm tone of voice proves that you value the wisdom and calm, logical mind that God has gifted you with, over these heinous thots.

  • A 2.6″ x 3″ inch (6.6cm x 7.6cm) vinyl, die-cut sticker
  • Shiny gold foil on sparkles and text
  • Excellent decal for anything! Stick it on your laptop, binder, notebook, computer tower, phone case, water bottle/hydro flask, planner, or even your car!
  • You can use it for stationery hobbies like journaling, diary, scrapbooking, bullet journals and more.
  • Scratch-resistant and weatherproof, lasts up to 2-4 years in outside conditions.
  • Please ensure your place of adhesion is a dry, smooth surface, and of normal temperature before you place the sticker. For water bottles, it is suggested to clean the surface with alcohol before applying.
  • ⚠️ If shipped alone, stickers do not come with tracking, to save on shipping costs.
🌟 All art is done by me, SHIROASA.


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