Coffin Skeleton Hinged Enamel Pin


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Show off your goth side and your lack of will to live by laying 6 feet under with this skeleton baby. Hang out in its coffin, where you also probably want to be, because the world kinda sucks and it’s nice to just lay low for a while and hang out with this skelebro.

General Enamel Pin Information:
  • Enamel pins are each made by hand, so there will always be flaws and differences between each one due to human error. They are never perfect!
  • A-grade pins have defects that are minor and would be noticed if you are scrutinizing them. This includes:
    • small specks, dents, or scratch marks
    • slight under or overfilling of enamel
  • B-Grade pins have visible imperfections such as:
    • missing, cracked, or incorrectly coloured enamel
    • evident dents, spots, or enamel drip
    • missing lines
    • evident uneven line thickness
  • B-Grade pins do not come with backing cards.
  • Colours may vary based on lighting and monitor settings.