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My Experience with Class101: It’s awful!

Back in December I saw that an artist I really liked was going to be teaching a class on a site called “Class101.” I had previous experience with these types of sites, using Udemy and hearing of Skillshare, but this was a new one.

So this review is about Class101, a Korean site in which artists or crafters can apply to teach a course to students, usually somewhere like $100-$200 per person to sign up (instructor sets the price). It runs for a set period of time (mine was five months, not sure if this is per course or not), and essentially you watch videos the instructor prepared and do homework assignments that get you closer to earning a Completion status on the class. The instructor is expected to comment on and help students via their homework/comments.

The artist’s colour usage is amazing, so I thought I’d be learning their thoughts on colours and how to use them and I was excited to level up.

Alas, as an intermediate artist, this was the biggest waste of money and I won’t do it again!

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