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An angel who was particularly close to humans found himself muddled in their affairs more often than not, despite the warnings of his celestial peers.

Over and over, he fell for humans he was tasked to aid, and his eager self did everything he could to make them happy. He visited lush mountains to gather beautiful flowers. He wrote poems upon divine parchment he’d stolen from Heaven (“used for business purposes,” he says, according to the ledger). Strewn petals of finely-curated roses within their abodes. Offered his heart in turn.

And each time, without fail, that heart he offered with trembling hands would shatter upon hearing the same words:

“You’re too good for me. It’s not you, it’s me!” the beloved would utter, then turn to chase the nearest beast.

What must I do for someone to love me? he thought. I bestow all my love within my actions, is it not enough?

And, learning nothing, he starts again, crafting lovesick poems to be read to the unwilling, whose eyes linger upon beasts they strive to tame.

  • A 2.9″ x 3″ inch (7.2cm x 7.6cm) vinyl, die-cut sticker
  • Features an anime crying angel boy with a pastel goth/pastel gore aesthetic
  • Shiny holographic effect on tears and puddle
  • Excellent decal for anything! Stick it on your laptop, binder, notebook, computer tower, phone case, water bottle/hydro flask, planner, or even your car!
  • You can use it for stationery hobbies like journaling, diary, scrapbooking, bullet journals and more.
  • Scratch-resistant and weatherproof, lasts up to 2-4 years in outside conditions.
  • Please ensure your place of adhesion is a dry, smooth surface, and of normal temperature before you place the sticker. For water bottles, it is suggested to clean the surface with alcohol before applying.
  • ⚠️ If shipped alone, stickers do not come with tracking, to save on shipping costs.
🌟 All art is done by me, SHIROASA.

1 review for Romance is Dead Sticker

  1. Michelle Cachey

    So shiny and colorful and sorrowful! Don’t worry Angel, I’ll love you.
    I love the holographic rainbowy effect. Look at the gif in the official image gallery up there and look at the shine!! It’s so pretty I can’t decide where to stick it.
    I really like the wings–they’re alluded to using the white border of the sticker instead of being drawn, and that’s super clever and cool.
    using the features of the medium to your advantage: 11/10

    Romance is Dead Sticker

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